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International transportation of heavy cargoes

Heavy cargoes are bulky, heavy cargoes, the weight of which, together with the weight of a vehicle, exceeds standard options (in accordance with Clause 22.5 of the Traffic Rules of Ukraine):

  • height of over 4.00 meters;
  • length of over 22 meters;
  • width of over 2.60 meters;
  • weight of cargo and vehicle of over 38 tones.

The transportation of heavy cargoes is the most difficult kind of transportation, which requires special technically equipped vehicles, permissions, preliminary negotiations, specially trained drivers in case of escort and convoy, as well as many other conditions which must be met to transport.

Interfreight is one of few companies offering a complete set of professional services in the field of organization of transportation of heavy cargoes.

We perform the following transportations:

  • special equipment;
  • road and construction equipment - excavators, bulldozers, pavers;
  • combines, tractors and other agricultural machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • industrial equipment;
  • metalwork and metal, reinforced concrete structures;
  • production of equipment for gas, petrochemical, power and other industries, as well as other oversized and heavy cargoes weighing up to 200 tones.
  • transportation of motor boats and yachts.

In their work the specialists of Interfreight focus on individual approach to each client, involving different kinds of transport into transportation process: special low-loaders (as NOOTEBOOM, FAYMONVILLE,SCHEUERLE, etc.); specialized railroad platforms; vessels, river boats, as well as “river-sea” vessels, which deliver cargoes both by river and by sea without transshipment.

It allows to optimize the costs of our customers and serves as the basis for a long-term and fruitful partnership.

Package of services in transportation of heavy cargoes includes the following items:

  • Specialist on-site visit in order to define the dimensions of a cargo, type of loading-unloading works and mechanical means;
  • Selection of transport means reasonable with a view to load-capacity and transportation costs;
  • Preparation of schemes for securing and placing oversized and heavy cargoes on motor vehicles, axle load calculation;
  • search and determination of optimal routing;
  • development of project documentation to agree the route of a vehicle with oversized cargo;
  • preparation and production of special and additional means for cargo securing;
  • obtaining special permits for transportation of bulky, oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • getting approval for transportation from the State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Ukravtodor enterprise (State Agency of Motorways of Ukraine);
  • organization of escort by escort car, patrol car of State Traffic Police Department and towers of contact-cable network;
  • organization and engineering control for loading-unloading works;
  • cargo insurance

We bear full responsibility for our work and guarantee timely delivery of your oversized cargo directly to a construction or production site

Provided that your request contains the characteristics of a cargo to be transported (weight, dimensions, conditions of shipping, etc.) and route, a quotation will be send to your e-mail within one working day.

If you have any questions about the organization of transportation of oversized cargoes, you can receive additional information, if you send a message via skype: partner-ift, you can also call us: : +38 0562 380088; +38 067 3250000


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